The Williams Family Band

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Welcome to The Williams Family Band Website!


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This site is for all our fans and friends - which at times seems to be about half of West Michigan!  Feel free to check back often - we never know what we'll be plugging in here! 

Thanks again, and God Bless!

- The Williams Family

A fixture in West Michigan for over three decades, the Williams Family band and their mix of bluegrass, country, folk and Gospel continues to entertain fans and music lovers from near and far.  Founded by the late Larry Williams (a Michigan Country Music Hall of fame fiddle player), his children and grandchildren carry on his legacy with consistently crisp instrumentals, tight vocal harmonies and the inherent grace of a close-knit Christian family. 

The band typically consists of Rick Williams on banjo and resonator guitar; Dave Williams on mandolin and fiddle; Carl Williams on guitar; Mary (Williams) Marker on the doghouse bass; and with Dave’s son Adam joining in on mandolin, guitar and vocals, the Williams Family Band offers three generations of musical talent for their audience’s enjoyment.


Be sure to visit the Family Pages on the site for more information about the band's members, families, and special guests!


L-R:  Mary (Williams) Marker, Adam Williams, Rick Williams, David Williams, Carl Williams

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June 22nd, 2019